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Disclaimer:  BEST Robotics, Inc. does not maintain information in these external links and is not responsible for the content or the presentation of information on these sites.  Coaches should personally investigate the information before recommending it for their students.

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ASEE Engineering K12 Center  lets students explore various fields, explore educational opportunities, and have fun.
The Junior Engineering Technical Society has it all.  Click on "Other Resources" or "Publications" for excellent reading including detailed articles about dozens of fields and special sections for middle school students and girls.
Greatest Engineering Achievements of the 20th Century  as detailed by National Academy of Engineering.
Popular Science online periodical features interesting technology news and includes archives of past volumes.
The Revolutionaries section of has personal interviews with most of the leaders in the technological revolution.

Robot Related Learning Links
How Stuff Works has broad coverage.  Enter "Gears" in the search feature to see how applicable the information can be.  is an unofficial forum for individual contributors to share information about their personal robot projects.
Robot Builder has discussions and resources to aid in the building of more advanced robots.
Hobby Engineering claims to be The technology builder's source for kits, components, supplies, tools, books and education.
Sparkfun has the best resources and products for your next project.
The Infinity Project offers a developed high school curriculum bringing digital processors into the classroom.

Fun but Still Science
Molecular Expressions  provides a completely different view of the world around you looking through the microsopic lenses.
The Exploratorium is an online museum of science, art, and human perception.
NASA has learning resources for all ages and goes far beyond pretty pictures of space.

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