Coach Survival Guide:
Resources to Help Prepare Your Team and Your School
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BEST Robotics Inc. does not warranty this third party software in any way. Consult with your IT coordinator before installing any software on your personal computer or your school's computer.

Audio Grabber - Beyond just copying music from CDs, you can use online sampling to capture any sound or music played through the computer.  Please teach students to limit their use to "fair use" as defined in copyright law.

FTP Commander (must be online to download this file) FTP Commander can be used to upload files to team websites.  There are many companies that offer free web hosting for your team's site.

WebDwarf - Web page editing software that does NOT require html knowledge.

Gantt Chart - Gantt charts are very helpful scheduling tools.  This software does the job, but the help file instructions are lacking a little.  Read all of the help information and you'll figure it out.  (The required password is "943am")

Graph Paper 421 - Design and print out many types of graph paper that can be used for sketching and drawing.  Newer versions are available online but they require a licensing fee for their use.

CAD Standard Lite - A Compact, quick to learn 2D drafting package.  Includes basic dimensioning and use of layers.

A9CAD is a more powerful 2D drafting package that includes familiar command line capabilities, layers, multiple snap options, complete modify menu, and full dimensioning capabilities.

Anim8or  (must be online to download this file) Anim8or is not a technical CAD software package. But you can create and animate complex 3D objects then render them to make 3D simulations.  Lots of online resources and tutorials are available.