Coach Survival Guide:
Resources to Help Prepare Your Team and Your School
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Step 1:
Download and read the Printable Survival Guide (pdf)
(All pdf files require Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you are online, you can get it now...) Get Adobe Reader

Step 2: Glean what you can from the Example Documents below (also linked in the last section of the printable guide)

Step 3: Review the learning resource in the Links and Freeware sections of this CD.

Student Recruiting Poster (ppt)
Examples BEST Table Displays (doc)

Provided by Greg Young of Capitol BEST

3-min Student Recruiting Video (wmv)
(right click to download, click here to preview)
3-min Teacher Recruiting Video (wmv)
(right click to download, click here to preview)

Play it in the cafeteria, over the school video system, etc…
Slightly different twist aimed at teachers.

Created by Dr. Michael Wienen for BEST Robotics Inc.

Judges score sheets (doc)

Example score sheets used by BEST Judges

Created by Mary Lou Ewald for BEST Robotics Inc.

Team Member Contract (doc)
Parent Information Sheet (doc)
Common Sense Guidelines (doc)


Provided by San Antonio BEST volunteers

Example photo release statement (doc)

Coaches can modify it to permit the school and the team to use the photos.

General permission to participate (doc)
Safety Contract and Permission Form (doc)
"How to Win the BEST Award" (doc)

Should include event dates, general meeting requirements, and coach contact information.

Provided by Leah Martaindale of Coastal Bend BEST

Sample Tool Safety Assessment (doc)

This is not a comprehensive assessment. It can only generally represent the students’ understanding of tool safety.

Provided by John Schepper of Coastal Bend BEST
Example Student Presentation (ppt)
Team/Club Charter
Another Example Team Charter (doc)
Team Notebook (pdf)
Another Team Notebook (pdf)

These student productions are for evaluation purposes only. Information may not be re-used without permission from original authors.

Learning Resources:

Kansas BEST Video (wmv)
(right click to download, click here to preview)

15 minute informational video (high quality version can be downloaded from "start a new hub" link at

Provided by Kansas BEST

Teaming – Mars Pathfinder Case Study (doc)

Possible reading assignment for your team before kickoff

Provided by Alabama BEST

Teaming – Team-building activities (doc)

Simple activities for your team to warm up on before kickoff

Provided by Dr. George Blanks of Alabama BEST

Soldering Tips (html)

Debugging a Robot (html)

Includes basic schematics and diagrams to get the electronics wired up and the wheels attached.

Provided by Mike Blazer of San Antonio BEST

Kit Introduction (pdf)

Introduction only. Please refer to detailed Hub information.

Provided by San Antonio BEST volunteers

Dizzy (html)

Robot Gallery (zip)

Example robots. Your team might gain some insight into various mechanisms that are possible. However, viewing these might stunt their imagination.

Provided by Dr. Michael Wienen of Brazos BEST

Navy Dimensioning (pdf)

Industry Drawing Guidelines (pdf)


Provided by Dr. Richard Link of the US Naval Academy

Provided by Quartic Engineering Ltd.

Basic Mechanical Analysis (pdf)

Provided by Chris Cormier of Collin County BEST