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Pandemonium in the Smithsonian

(Compliments of SA BEST)
The 2000 BEST game is unique in that the drivers must rely heavily on the spotters since the driver's view of the robot is severely limited by the wall in the center of the playing field.  The remote-controlled machine must navigate to a variety of scoring areas to score points for the team and/or remove the scores of the opposition.  Four teams compete at a time for the 3-minute long matches, and the team with the most points wins.

The Playing Field: 
The field (shown at the right) is divided in half by the wall in the center.  Two archways allow the machines to move between the two halves of the field.  The rocket sits on a platform that is rotated to a random position prior to the start of each match.  The platform is also free to rotate during the match.  The ramps in the corners have locks so that after a machine has driven across the ramp,  tipping it from the position shown, the ramp locks in place making it difficult for other machines to enter the area.

Field2k(R471_f3).jpg (45231 bytes)

Teams have four different ways to score points: There are six sets of giant paddle switches that, when flipped, score between 1 and 3 points for the team that matches the switch color.

  1.  The switches closest to where the machines start score 1 point each.
  2.  The switches in the corners near the spotters score 2 points each.
  3.  The switches along the middle wall score 3 points each.

There are three historical artifacts (shaped like paint rollers) that are worth 1 or 2 points. The two that start above the arches are worth 2 points each, and the one that starts in one of the cans is worth 1 point. To score points for an artifact, the team must have sole possession of the object at the end of the match.

The Halon canister scores 4 points if, at the end of the match, it is in the appropriate quadrant of the rocket platform. The canister must either be touching the color matching the canister or attached to the rocket above the matching color, but not in contact with the machine. 

Teams may also score points based on the position of their machine at the end of the match. The position of the machine is determined by the position of the base of the pole of the colored flag attached to the machine. In front of each set of switches is a 24 x 24 inch position scoring area.

  1. Two position points are scored for machines in the switch areas nearest the spotters.
  2. One position point is earned for the other switch areas.
  3. Four position points are scored for teams that finish with the machine in the color-matched quadrant of the rocket platform.