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Inspiring students to pursue careers in engineering, science, technology, and mathematics through robotics design...

"I joined BEST hoping to further define my identity as an engineer. After working with team members that became new friends, learning to think critically and to problem solve, and learning basic equipment and tool management, in a span of a mere eight weeks, my way of problem-solving thinking has changed to become more technical and analytical. Additionally, I further confirmed my identity as an engineer."
- 12th Grade, Merrol Hyde Magnet School (Music City BEST)

"When I joined Best I learned what opportunity you have in the world of engineering and science. I never consider being one till i joined Best but now I am on pace for a career in the engineering field."
- 8th Grade, Harris Middle School (Music City BEST)

"BEST robotics has allowed me to find my true passion for engineering and showed me what I wish to do in the future."
- 11th Grade, Oak Mountain High School (Blazer BEST)

"My favorite subjects are Math and Science and I want to find a career that best suits those subjects. When I joined the robotics team I was hoping to gain just a little knowledge about robots, but I learned more than that. One of those things is a career path I might want to take which is computer science. Overall BEST helped me realize what path I need to take to get to where I want to go."
- 9th Grade, Oak Mountain High School (Blazer BEST)

"BEST really helped me learn more about engineering which I am going into in college to study mechanical engineering with aero to become a crew chief on an indy car team. Best help me realize what a passion I have for engineering."
- 12th Grade, Lincoln High School (Central Alabama BEST)

"As a girl, it has really helped me explore fields I never would have thought of."
- 8th Grade, Hill Country Middle School (Capitol BEST)

"BEST has encouraged me to step past my boundaries and make new friends and learn new things. BEST poured the concrete over my decision to be an engineer."
- 11th Grade, Marshall Technical School (Northeast Alabama BEST)

"Participating in BEST Robotics has been one of the best decisions I've made in high school. It has helped me discover my career path, practice leadership, and learn to work well with others."
- 12th Grade, SCHE (Mississippi BEST)

"Participating in BEST and our school robotics club taught me many things. The long nights of seemingly impossible tasks taught me perseverance, the marketing presentation taught me public speaking skills, the pit crew and teamwork required taught me how to work with others, and most importantly, through my own experiences and through the examples set by our club leaders, I learned what leadership was. Robotics was such a valuable experience and I bonded with my fellow club members in ways not possible in any other club. It also made me realize I really enjoy engineering and I am now considering it to be one of my possible career choices."
- 9th Grade, Lausanne High School (Mississippi BEST)

"It helped me because where I live there is little to no activities that relate to engineering and technology so when I get a chance like this this helps me learn many things I would never get the chance and help me figure what I want to do I the future as in colleges and careers."
- 10th Grade, Garden City High School (Kansas BEST)

"Participating in BEST taught me that simple and small things can be put together to make something big."
- 11th Grade, Garden City High School (Kansas BEST)

"It showed me what it's like to work on a large group project with many people doing vastly different things, but working towards a common goal."
- 12th Grade, Lausanne High School (Mississippi BEST)

"Well when I joined Robotics I was not as smart as I am now."
- 8th Grade, St. Mary's Catholic School (Jubilee BEST)

"By participating in BEST I learned there are multiple career choices that offer lucrative jobs that make a difference in local communities."
- 7th Grade, New Braunfels Christian Academy (San Antonio BEST)

"I learned CAD and Simulink. I learned that making a product includes more than just engineering. The experience confirmed that I really like software development."
- 7th Grade, Ft. Worth Robotics (Cowtown BEST)

"BEST has helped me grow in areas such as public speaking, communication, and working with others. I've had so many opportunities that I never would of done like meeting community leaders and writing press releases. BEST has been a great learning experience!"
- 9th Grade, Rio Rancho (New Mexico BEST)

"I have always really been interested in mechanical engineering, but through BEST I was really able to see how much I would like it in action, and it also gave me quite a bit of exposure to the types of jobs and work this type of engineer would do, especially from the access to SolidWorks, in fact because of this access I moved on and used this resource to help me get professionally certified."
- 12th Grade, Rio Rancho (New Mexico BEST)

"I have enjoyed the BEST robotics lessons and game this year as an exchange student from Korea - very informative and fun."
- 12th Grade, Poyen School (Little Rock BEST)

"BEST has been the path to different career field decisions that I have made. I was first interested in Robotic building, but after participating in BEST for 3 years it has given me the opportunities to explore different career fields and also understand the importance of a STEM related field. BEST has also helped me with my disability. I have Dyslexia and being able to work with my hands as a builder, it has made me feel a part of something so important. Robotics has made me realize that even if I have a disability, I can still be successful."
- 10th Grade, Hatch Valley High School (New Mexico BEST)

"BEST has shown the possibilities of robotic technology to creating solutions to problems in the world. It has also heightened my interest in mechanics and understanding how they work and how to apply them to robotics and solving problems. I plan on taking this along with the management and business skills I've learned in BEST to college and in my future career."
- 12th Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science, and Technology (Georgia BEST)

"It has magnified my interest in CAD and other elements of engineering, as well as the marketing side of the competition."
- 9th Grade, Christian Homeschoolers in Paris (Lion's Pride BEST)

"Ever since I was in sixth grade, I had always wanted a career in working with electronics. BEST robotics has shown me what kind of jobs I could have in the future that allow me to pursue my dream. From designing a machine to programming motors and servos, BEST robotics has allowed me to work with electronics in a variety of ways."
- 10th Grade, Loachapoka High School (War Eagle BEST)

"I have been around BEST for 8 years, in that time, I have learned how to use manual mills and lathes, I have also learned how to use CAD. I am considering pursuing a job as a machinist or even an internship while I am still in high school."
- 11th Grade, Panther Creek Academy (Show Me BEST)

"Where do I start? In 5th grade I started doing the B.E.S.T. competitions. Little did I know that something so small could become SO big! I have learned the art of public speaking and have some really awesome opportunities through it! I have won speech competitions probably ONLY because I have worked on our regional winning presentation. I've been blessed to have the opportunity to volunteer at nationals, and even give my presentation to Steve- one of the founders of B.E.S.T. I truly believe that without robotics, I wouldn't be doing much with my life. But I've already gained scholarships for acting due to the skills robotics have given me. I just want to thank each and every one of you who do this competition, I have gained some of my best friends because we spend hours and hours together every single day. You give us a common goal to work toward and it feels AWESOME when we actually accomplish it. I've been on the team for seven years now- all of the original crew has graduated, but I have got to see so many kids grow and change because of this simple competition, I get to watch the younger kids grow this passion for everything we do, I just owe you a huge THANK YOU! -Makenzie Gruenig, R4 Business President."
- 11th Grade, Rio Rancho (New Mexico BEST)

"Thanks to the BEST program I have learned better communication skills and seen a lot of interesting technology that has changed the way I look at the world around me and I am excited for what will come in the future and I want to be a part of creating it."
- 6th Grade, Rio Rancho (New Mexico BEST)

"I have a math oriented brain, and I like to always know how things work. This year, I discovered how much fun it is to build a robot and know exactly what part works which way and how it contributed to the overall design."
- 10th Grade, Texoma Home Educators (Lion's Pride BEST)

"Through BEST, and with the help of my team, I believe I've become a better listener and leader, and am no longer afraid to take on challenges surrounding technology and science."
- 11th Grade, Rio Rancho (New Mexico BEST)

"In all honestly, BEST introduced me to the world of electronics. Up until 6 weeks ago, I was only a programmer, and something like a circuit was foreign to me. By the end of the competition, not only was I able to do all the wiring on our robot, but I started messing with and programming Arduino and got a new hobby!"
10th Grade, Belton New Tech High School (Heart of Texas BEST)

"Not everything always works like it's supposed to, so you just have to get back up and try it again."
- 7th Grade, ARCHER (Minnesota BEST)

"It has influenced me by helping me learn new skills that I can use in a working environment. Such as CAD, working with others as a team, team management, leadership, robotic design, how to use tools, etc."
- 12th Grade, Alamo Home School (San Antonio BEST)

"BEST has opened up a whole realm of possibilities to me. Via BEST and team mentors, I have learned of the many career opportunities for engineering and robotics. Thanks in part to BEST, I now plan to get a degree in engineering. Being part of a BEST team has taught me so much, not only robotics related (brainstorming, construction, programming, etc) but also other life skills (writing, team work, leadership, speaking, etc). I am very grateful to BEST for this amazing opportunity I have been given."
- 10th Grade, ARCHER (Minnesota BEST)

"This was my 3rd year doing BEST. Our school has traditionally done terrible in the competition, but that didn't stop us. Before the season began I organized several people and we elected to do BEST a different way this year. Since our school is academics focused, all of BEST was student led. We managed to pull through and had phenomenal success with introducing engineering to the new kids. Serving as CEO was a big deal this year. BEST overall has made me a better communicator, thinker and leader. I learned to step up and become a responsible person. Also, BEST really got me interested into looking more into robotics and engineering (I originally intended to study computer science only.)"
- 11th Grade, LAMP High School (War Eagle BEST)

"I was already interested in computer science and engineering, and the knowledge about both subjects that I gained has increased my drive to excel in these subjects."
10th Grade, WP Davidson High School (Jubilee BEST)

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