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The BEST National Robot Modeling Challenge is open to all teams participating in the competition. The award will be presented to one team in each of the 3 BEST regions (Denver, Souths, Texas) that best demonstrates their Incision Decision BEST robot in the provided Mathworks Simscape environment based on the judging rubric. Judging is divided into four parts: Modeling the Robot, Modeling Physics, Autonomy, Complexity & Quality.

See the BEST National Robot Modeling Challenge Rules for complete details about the challenge and the judging criteria to be used.

What you need to compete for the award:

  • YouTube video demonstrating your robot model in the Simscape environment
  • Brief description of your model (256 characters max)

Information you need when you make your submission:

  • The full name of your school
  • Name of BEST Hub you participate in
  • Name of a team point of contact
  • Valid email address for the team contact
  • Total number of students on your team
  • The 2023 PASSCODE (see your Team Workflow)

Submit your entry here before the indicated deadline:

November 27th 2023, 11:59PM CST (EXTENDED)

P.S. Don't wait until the deadline to make your submission!!

One winner per region (Texas, Denver, Souths)

More About Mathworks

MathWorks is the leading developer of mathematical computing software for engineers and scientists in the world. The company equips BEST teams with software, training, and mentoring to tackle the same technical issues as professional engineers. Industry-standard MATLAB® and Simulink® provide a flexible design environment where BEST students can apply classroom theory to solve problems encountered in designing their robots.

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