Dizzy says hiMeet  Dizzy.   Dizzy, the robot, has been hanging around Brazos BEST since 1998...but you probably won't recognize him because he evolves as the game changes each year.  We've adopted Dizzy, the character, as kindof our Hub mascot.  Dizzy, the robot, has never really been very proficient at any of the games...but that's not what his purpose in life really is.  As a prototype robot, he just offers some insight into what a bunch of raw materials, about 40 hours of work, and a whole lot of imagination can yield.  (And occasionally hints at some finer points in good design.)

(The Robot image below is VERY large and might take a minute to load.)
Left click and drag the mouse to rotate him.  Click on the +/- images to zoom in/out (where you can then right click to pan, or left click to continue rotation).  Feel free to spend some time with your new friend Dizzy.   But don't get too attached because he'll probably look totally different next year (or sooner).

(used with permission, Michael Wienen, Brazos BEST, all copyright reserved.  Please contact original author if you wish to use this information in a context outside of BEST)
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